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It is the mission of Marie Detty Youth & Family Service Center, Inc to provide a continuum of care for the children, youth, and families of Southwest Oklahoma. Prevention, diversion, protective, and treatment services establish the cornerstone of intervention. Additionally, we will advocate on behalf of children, youth, families, and on issues impacting our communities.

     Marie Detty Youth & Family Service Center, Inc., is a private, non-profit agency that serves the needs of the community as a whole. The agency reaches out to those who are vulnerable and in need and provides comfort and care. A variety of services are offered to all, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or handicaps…..

     Marie Detty Youth & Family Service Center, Inc. has a long and interesting past in it’s evolvement into the comprehensive Center it is today. The organization was originally established by Marie Detty to provide an emergency shelter for youth. Since 1980 Marie Detty has offered a variety of youth, family, individual, and group services. The center has pushed for serious change in how children were cared for in our society and how a community responds to its most vulnerable citizens….

     We offer assessment and referral services, including a Community Intervention Center to provide supervision and services for juveniles arrested by local law enforcement; and Resource Family Assessment to determine if a home will be considered as a placement for youth…

     The Marie Detty Center has several Prevention Programs. These include prevention classes for parenting and anger management; first time offender programs, where juveniles and their parents learn about communication, anger management, problem solving, decision making, values, and understanding the consequences of negative behavior.

     We also offer Outpatient Services: outpatient counseling, the CARS program; and also the Emergency Youth Shelter, the New Directions Women’s Shelter, and Parker Pointe Girls Group Home.

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